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Why Mia Motivation

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I am excited to be able to help you increase your health and wellness through Nutrition strategies, workout routines and individual support.

Workout Programs Designed for You

Fitness Assessment & planning

A fitness assessment is a series of tests that helps your trainer determine your physical fitness level and aids in developing your personalized program. The results can identify your strengths and weaknesses in relation to your physical fitness and help in setting attainable fitness goals.

Meal Plan & Nutriton

A meal plan is any strategy used to map out what you’re going to eat. Your specific diet, or your process of thinking through what you plan to eat beforehand. Allow Mia to customize your strategy with your own customized meal plan.

1 Hr Personal Training Session Online Or In-Person.

All the equipment of a commercial gym, but in private environment. Customized workout designed for you and guided in person by our fitness & wellness expert, Mia Lanz.

Buddy Session

There is nothing like the buddy system when it comes to fitness, especially to help hold you accountable when your trainer is not around. Buddy packages are currently only available in person with Mia in her private facility & gym. Each Buddy pays $45 dollars and saves on a 1 hour workout session (limited to max of 2 people). Everything’s better with a friend.


Online Or In Person at Private Facility/Gym

Total 12 Week Customized Personal Fitness Plan Complete with Fitness Assessment, Daily Goal & Accountability Check-Ins, Mia Maffia Membership, Access To Private Mia Motivation Facebook Support Group, 1 hour 3x per week 1-on-1 sessions for a total of 12 weeks (36 sessions).

12 Week Total Body Transformation

Online Or In-Person Training With Mia’s Fat Burning Formula.


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What Our customers say

I signed up with Mia because I needed the accountability and someone to kick my butt week in and week out. Sure, I can go to the gym on my own, but it’s not the same when I have Mia putting me through an intense circuit.

Andrew Machota.

I signed up with Mia to have someone who would push me and get me to the next level. I was caught in the same routine and needed someone to shock my body and help me get the results I was constantly looking for.

Tiffany Diaz.